5 Keys to Success in GOS 2019

1 - Set Goals and Intentions. Know what you want out of it.

What do you want out of the event? – feedback, networking, practice talking about your art, sell your work, make money, help audience to value working artists, talking to people about importance of buying art from real/living artists, build up email list/social media following, get more exhibitions/shows

2 - Do the Outreach, Spread the Word, Build the Buzz

Email List (organize your email list and connect via email)
reach out to your network at least 3 times about this event

(1) save the date – NOW

(2) 2 weeks before the event

(3) the Friday before

 Social media : Send out teaser emails to entice your followers to attend the event

-          Which works should I showcase during the event?

-          Behind the scenes look

-          Sneak peek preview of your work

-          Engage other people’s work on social media as a way of community building and a way to build followers/interest

Listings: Event listings and calendars online (public listings)

3 - Set Up Your Space

-          Strategize – Do you want it to look like a gallery? Anything goes. Do you want to showcase a single series? Multiple series’s of work? Do you want it to look/feel like a working artist studio? Or have it be more refined?

-          Be welcoming + appealing in your physical setup/layout

-          Price List: If you want to sell your work, how are you promoting that? Decide process, formalize a list with wall labels or a checklist. Think this through beforehand.          

4 - Be present and intentional during the event itself (THE DAY OF)

-          Meet and Greet - you are hosting an event. Show people that you want them to be there.

-          Eye contact. Your little schpiel (your elevator pitch). “Welcome, If you have questions please feel free to ask me, I’m the artist…”

-          Sign in Sheet with details for social media. “I have an email list, please sign up…”

-          Business Cards or some sort of take away (postcard, print out, checklist, etc) with artwork images and details

-          f you want to sell work have change or a Square in order to accept payment

-          Set up a raffle with a small work of art as the prize. Have a drawing at the end of the weekend as a way of engaging the audience.

-          Food -or- not? Wine -or- not? It’s up to you, Maybe at the end of the day?

-          Direct visitors to other artist studios

-          Be yourself

-          Be open to questions

-          Don’t take things personally.

5 - Do Your Follow Up:

-          Build Audience

-          Collect names/emails

-          The sooner you follow up, the better, in order to keep up the momentum and excitement of the event, to remind people of your work, etc.

-          Enter names quickly into your email database (MailChimp, Excel, Etc.) and pre-draft a follow up email

-          Send more specific follow-up emails to people of interest (people you had a connection with, curators, other artists, art collectors, etc)

-          Keep track of these people specifically so that you remember details about the conversations you had, if you feel comfortable, ask for business cards, contact info, etc

-          Keep a separate notebook with names and brief notes about specific people to follow up with

-          Send out personalized follow-ups on Monday or Tuesday following the event