GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Paul Gagner

Paul_01 copy.jpg

Location:  62 18th Street, suite 2A2
Website:  paulgagner.com
Instagram:  @paulgagner

All that I do can be traced back to my existential anxiety. My self doubt, my fear of death and my conflicted feelings toward art in general and my role in its history, then filtered through the overwhelming feeling that it may all be pointless. While that may come as a real bummer, I don’t view it as such. That’s where the humor comes in. Satire is a wonderful tool for presenting something seemingly innocuous that has a bite. 

GOS Featured Artist: Gil Kuno


Location:  24 Garfield Place (Sasaki Studio)
Website:  unsound.com
Instagram:  @gilkuno

Through experiments in the audio-visual and re-envisioning experiences common within everyday life, Gil Kuno's aim is to push people away from paradigmatic thinking. He takes a whimsical approach in subverting common perception of reality. Exaggerated perception and de-railed reality are central themes to his work. Gil received his MFA at UCLA. He has achieved recognition from Ars Electronica, Japan Media Arts Festival, Canon Digital Creators Contest,Timothy Leary (Leary.com), among others. He has collaborated with artists such as Eye Yamantaka (Boredoms,) Yoshimi (Boredoms, OOIOO,) Battles, Vincent Gallo, Ken Ishii, Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins,) Carl Stone, Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot,) Steve Albini (Big Black, Shellac,) Cristian Vogel, Kasper Toeplitz, Zbigniew Karkowski, Merzbow, GX Jupitter Larsen (The Haters,) Nissennenmondai, Christian Galarreta, Joseph Hammer, Patric Catani (EC8TOR).

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Maureen Drennan


Location:  62 18th Street, Room 2 A 2
Website:  maureendrennan.net
Instagram:  @maureenrdrennan

The settings and themes I seek out are those of change or transition, often to imply notions of loss and hope at once. I investigate what it means to live a life removed. I am drawn to narratives, photographic, literary, cinematic, or documentary- in which characters are crafted out of place, or in which places actively become the characters themselves. I work with photography as a lens for understanding people, to merge with them psychologically and place myself in their environs.

Arts Gowanus Sponsor Spotlight: The Yard

Arts Gowanus appreciates the wonderful sponsors that support our community and Gowanus Open Studios. We'll be shining a spotlight on some of these sponsors in the coming weeks.

About The Yard

We opened The Yard’s first coworking space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn back in 2011. We were so blown away by the impact that we were making in entrepreneurs' lives by giving them a supportive place to connect and build their businesses. Since then, The Yard has expanded to include locations across New York City and Philadelphia, and we’re opening locations in Boston and Washington, D.C. later this year. In just a few weeks, we’ll be opening a brand new location in the heart of Gowanus, and we couldn’t be happier to be joining this vibrant community.

Coworking space in The Yard.

Coworking space in The Yard.

What is your favorite part of Gowanus?

I especially admire that the neighborhood’s inherent traits prevail throughout its overall growth and adaption. Gowanus has changed tremendously over the past few years, but in the process community members have made it a priority to maintain the area’s history and character. Rather than knocking buildings down and rebuilding them, landlords are thoughtful in their renovations. I think it’s important to highlight the neighborhood’s beauty at the roots. This is why it was important to us to preserve the unique industrial aesthetic of our newest location, The Yard: Gowanus, which is ripe with exposed brick walls, skylights and wood-joist barrel ceilings. The space is cohesive with its surroundings, yet re-envisioned.

What does the Gowanus creative community mean to you?

The community is an essential part of the neighborhood, which is why we wanted to provide valuable opportunities to local artists. Since many artists have their studio space in Gowanus, we thought it would be helpful for them to have a space to grow their brand and host clients. Last month, we held an open call for art ambassadors looking for office space and for artists interested in creating a custom mural for our community courtyard. We’re looking forward to seeing how our space lends itself to the creative energy of the community as a whole in years to come.

For more information, visit https://theyard.com

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: David Kutz


Location:  418 Third Street (between 5&6)
Website:  DavidKutz.com

My work is informed by research in the field of human geography, particularly chorology, the study of the causal relationships between people and place.  In geography and in my work this is a study of "cultural landscapes".

In the current Anthropocene epoch, the entire planet has been altered by people, so the cultural landscape and my subject is omnipresent.  I use my socio-political interests and concerns to connect my photographs of vernacular architecture with globalization, migration and energy production, and in studying the movement of people through those landscapes. 

Transit points, such as hotel lobbies, airports, bridges, train stations or highway edges, are "super-modern non-places" (Marc Augé), where people from different cultures have a common globalizing experience.  I look for the beauty and motion in these communal places that have transcended their locales.

As I make my work, I record soundscapes that are produced into multi-track audio elements.  These recordings contribute to creating an immersive experience for the viewers.  

In my panoramic pictures, people traveling through the landscapes, are repeated.  The multiple representations of this everyday dance imply that although this is a photograph of a ‘real place’, it is a manufactured landscape with a narrative, and prompt the viewer to consider time and motion through space.  The repeating figures create an uncanny impression and suggest the enigmatic nature of place as represented in a landscape.

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Mores McWreath

Mores McWreath-Artist Portrait 01sm1mb.jpg

Location:  540 President Street, Studio # 13, lower level
Website:  moresmcwreath.com
Instagram:  @moresmcwreath

I make performance based video art that uses the form and language of commercial advertising to critique the fundamental state of American social and political life. The world of my videos is one inhabited exclusively by my white hetero cis-male body twisted, multiplied, split, and digitally altered to the point of rupture. My goal is to use humor and entertainment value to entice a viewer into a process of identification that leads to deconstructing positions of privilege. Perhaps by excavating my own fears and desires I can help counteract the regressive politics of the moment.

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Sara Jones

Location:  Ti Art Studios, 183 Lorraine Street, Studio #64
Website:  sara-jones.com
Instagram:  @sarajones00

My current project engages the question of history as a construct through the reimagining of public spaces, monuments and boundaries. Building upon my enduring interest in how memory is embedded in the spaces we inhabit, my project examines the fluid borders between our perception of space and time. Architecture and the built environment— and the memories and stories these spaces and objects hold (as well as, those they exclude and erase)— form the locus of my current investigation. The work itself takes various forms: archival materials, photographic documentation, and my own perceptions and memories mediated through the language of drawing, painting and sculpture.

Arts Gowanus Sponsor Spotlight: Spaceworks

Arts Gowanus appreciates the wonderful sponsors that support our community and Gowanus Open Studios. We'll be shining a spotlight on some of these sponsors in the coming weeks.


Spaceworks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the supply of accessible space for artists, residents, and cultural workers to gather and engage in their creative and cultural practices. We currently operate five facilities in Brooklyn and Queens featuring 20 rehearsal spaces, 33 visual arts studios, and 4 coworking spaces for cultural organizations. We are also actively working on a pipeline of projects from the Bronx to Staten Island. Our headquarters, located at 540 President Street in Gowanus, include 29 visual arts studios, an exhibition space, and 4 coworking spaces for cultural organizations- including our friends at Arts Gowanus!

Exhibition Space.JPG

What is your favorite part of Gowanus?

Carroll Street Bridge over the canal! Recently, Spaceworks artist Katarina Jerinic installed “Cloud Drift,” a public art project featuring a series of cyanotype image flags flown from light posts on the Gowanus Canal's bridge- it made our favorite spot that much sweeter.

What does the Gowanus creative community mean to you?

We're grateful to be headquartered in this thriving arts community- our building alone is host to dozens of artists and cultural workers dedicated to challenging themselves and supporting one another. "The Gowanus creative community represents change and perseverance," says Raul Rivera, our Community Organizer. "Through gentrification, local artists still find ways to thrive." 

With that in mind, we're proud to be a part of "Making Gowanus," an initiative of Hester Street (HST) through which public housing residents, non-profit organizations, manufacturers, artists, and NYC Council Members Stephen Levin and Brad Lander’s offices are working together to develop a set of tools, a network of opportunities, and a culture of inclusion to coincide with the rezoning of Gowanus for increased density. We look forward to continuing this work together so that existing communities and cultures can continue to thrive in Gowanus!

Building Exterior.jpg

For more information, visit https://spaceworksnyc.org/ 


GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Wendy Richmond

Wendy Richmond headshot for GOS (1).jpeg

Location:  313 Butler Street, Studio #15
Website:  WendyRichmond.com

My hands are unlike most people’s. They’re double jointed and, because of an autoimmune disorder, my fingers swell like balloons and then contract, resulting in squishiness and wrinkles. For decades, I’ve been ashamed of my hands. I literally kept them out of the picture. 

Three years ago, my brother became very ill, and I began to pay attention to the contradictions of the body: it is a miracle machine, capable of healing itself. But it is also a destroyer, determined to break down or attack itself. My hands, whose condition I had preferred to hide, instead became the focus of my art making.

In the past year, I’ve turned from my trusted mediums of video and photography to sculpture. I’ve created hundreds of casts of my hands, often immersing the pieces in slabs and blocks. They break (or I break them), and they become fragments that recall classical Greek and Roman antiquity. They are a perverse version of idealized beauty. 

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Alexa Williams


Location:  Ti Art Studios, 183 Lorraine Street, Studio #82
Website:   AlexaWilliams.com
Instagram:  @alexa.bannon.williams

Alexa Williams’ work references a sense of place and the tension between control and happenstance. Although she has worked in diverse media, her current use of industrial materials, including cement, construction chalk, spray paint, and graphite, reflects her New York surroundings. Williams is the recipient of artist residencies and fellowships including the Vermont Studio Center and The Cooper Union. She exhibits frequently in New York, including recent shows at The Curator Gallery, Invisible Dog, and Black and White Gallery.

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Stephanie Land

Stephanie Land.jpg

Location:  Ti Art Studios, 183 Lorraine Street, Studio #48
Website:  stephaniemland.com
Instagram:  @stephanielandclicks

I am interested in exploring the ongoing conversation between art, architecture, and the physical and natural worlds. My work is concerned with not only how bodies move through a space, but too, how space evokes us—the way light hits an archway leading you to enter or that unnamable but universal feeling that washes over you while looking through a window. In my art, I explore the wholistic experience of architecture: how we connect with a space physically, how we move through it, and how it affects us both emotionally and spiritually. It is through photography and sculpture that I explore and express the slight nuances of space, subtle forms that don’t function, but instead provide qualities that just are. Through material and tactility, the three dimensionality of sculpture lets me explore the work as both an image (landscape/environment) and a form (object/symbol).

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Neil Powell


Location:  489 3rd Ave, Storefront Right
Website:  NeilPowell.com
Instagram:  @thestudioofneilpowell

Working in the medium of old, discarded book covers, my work explores new social, cultural, and political narratives through themes of relatedness and identity. By juxtaposing the new and the old -- new art from old materials—voices across time speak to one another, thereby opening avenues toward meaning. I like the visitor to enter a disparate world of language, typography, and illustration styles that captures the eye and demands it to move back and forth among layers looking for signals, signs and clues. I aim for my art to culminate in a visual treatise on the recycling and renewal of popular culture.

Arts Gowanus Sponsor Spotlight: Insa

Arts Gowanus appreciates the wonderful sponsors that support our community and Gowanus Open Studios. We'll be shining a spotlight on some of these sponsors in the coming weeks.

Insa Info 2.jpeg

Insa is a Korean BBQ restaurant with a tiki bar & 5 private karaoke rooms.  We nicknamed ourselves the "Korean-Fun-Time-Place-For-Celebration."


We are located on Douglass Street between 3rd & 4th Avenue.

For more information, visit: http://www.insabrooklyn.com/

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Brooklyn Dollworks

New head shot bw cropped.jpg

Location:  SpaceWorks, 540 president street, studio #21
Website:  brooklyndollworks.com
Instagram:  @valerie_a._gladstone
Blog:  artdollsbyvaleriegladstone.blogspot.com/

Founded in 2012, Brooklyn Dollworks, LLC represents the work of artist Valerie A. Gladstone.” I am an artist and like many other artists, I am compilation of many things. As a native New Yorker and the youngest of seven children, there was always something to do, paint, sculpt, play, sing or witness.  Every experience, meal, journey, emotion, or dream, informs our work. Whichever medium you work in has to lend itself to that expression.  I have found Art Dolls to fill this expression.

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Jo-Ann Acey

Location: Square Dot Plus Studio, 540 President Street, BB
Website:  aceyart.com
Instagram:  @aceyjoann  

Jo-Ann Acey's paintings, prints and drawings are reactions to particular places. The work is inspired by experience and nature, but also chronicles the search for a deeper connection. For Acey, “Although there are recognizable images that lend themselves to land, sea, and cityscapes, the real essence lies in the symbolism of each work. The images are visual diaries documenting memories, personal events and creating magical places.”

Acey draws motion, and for her "the rhythm in music is the same that we see in nature.” This underscores Acey’s love of jazz, and links improvisation to the landscape and to her own searching lines and bold use of color. “Spontaneity and energy are always important elements. One is instantly invited on a journey and experiences the vast openness of the sea or the quiet, softness of a breeze.”

In addition to making art, Jo-Ann Acey taught art for over 30 years at such schools as United Nations International School in New York, and the nationally acclaimed Studio in a School Program. She is the recipient of the “Sustained Achievement Award For Artists Who Teach.” Acey's work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and parts of Europe, and is part of many private collections. Acey is a member at the 440 Gallery in Park Slope.

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Kenneth Wong

Location: 168 7th St., Studio 3D
Website:  kennethwongart.com

In my paintings, I try to capture a moment and hopefully an emotion. If art is about communication, what am I trying to say? The images are not shrouded in mystery, but I try to leave them very open to interpretation. Please come by my open studio and tell me what you think.

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Dara Oshin

Dara Profile Pic small.jpg

Location:  Ti Art Studios, 183 Lorraine Street, #69
Instagram: @daraoshin
Facebook: @daraoshinartist

Dara Oshin is a multidisciplinary visual artist investigating the commonality of the human experience. The physical and mental overstimulation of contemporary life drives her to create work that highlights the quiet solitude and subtle intimacy that underpins love, compassion and empathy. She enjoys the challenge of taking complex emotions and ideas and translating them into basic visual forms. Her simplistic yet evocative style contemplates vulnerability and the basic goodness and beauty of human nature and what we all share as human beings. 

Dara's body of work includes, drawings, sculptures, photography, paintings, mixed media work, illustration, ceramics, prints and site specific installations. 

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Angela Alba

Location:  Brooklyn Art Space, 400 3rd Ave, Studio #25
Website:  Angelaalba.com
Instagram:  @angelaalba_

Angela Alba is a visual artist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Using soft pastel colors teamed with intuitively bent neon, Angela visually renders expectations of this generation with a certain light heartedness. Her sculptures and drawings capture an essence of the comedic value with today's social norms and the natural anxieties that come along with it. 

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Joy Makon

Photo by Diane Pratt.

Photo by Diane Pratt.

Location:  280 Nevins Street, 2nd floor
                 440 Gallery, 440 6th ave.
Website:  joymakon.wordpress.com
Instagram:  @joymakon

Joy Makon is a passionate observer of color and light; she explores the relationships of watercolor paint, heavy paper and contemporary reality. Her paintings are impressionistic observations of daily life through landscapes and seascapes, often with figures incorporated into the composition. Subjects come from neighborhoods in NYC, and from travels domestically and abroad. Makon employs classic drawing and watercolor techniques in her paintings. It is her unique approach to subject, composition, point-of-view that makes her work anything but traditional. A graduate of Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, Joy is an artist with 440 Gallery and her work has been shown in juried and gallery shows and can be found in private collections in the U.S.

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Janice Everett

GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Janice Everett

Location280 Nevins, Studio #3-3
Website: janiceeverett.com
Instagram: @janicee280

"I am a visual artist and a textile designer living in the Gowanus for many years. My work involves creating digital montages using original photographs that play with the relationship between urban landscape and nature. Many of these images can be put into repeat and printed as wallpaper or textiles."