Artist Spotlight: Carlos Torres Machado


How long has you studio been in Gowanus?

I have worked in Gowanus for two years.  For me, Gowanus is an art neighborhood, you can feel it.   I am seduced by the freedom of Gowanus.

About my work

My work is a cross between the pastiche of postmodernism and the romanticism of the 19th century. I reinvent and merge explored visual languages through the use of color and linguistic tools.

Which artists inspire or influence your work?

The artists that I admire the most are those that had the personality and courage to break the art paradigms of the time periods in which they lived.


Why should people visit you during Gowanus Open Studios ?

Visitors to my studio will discover a new experience of confronting color.  The interaction between human beings and technology in the age of the digital revolution interest me.


What is your secret talent?

I follow my inner voice.

To see more of Carlos’s work, visit his website: