Artist Spotlight: Martha Walker

How long have you worked in the Gowanus neighborhood?

I have worked in Gowanus since 2001 – more than 15 years. I lived in Park Slope and, when searching for studio space, it was a priority to find an industrial space where it was safe and legal to work with gas.

About my work

My work is sculptural and is described as abstract expressionist. The material that I most often work with is welded steel. Metal sculptures that are organic and fluid in form are created using a unique process called “puddling,” which is when steel is dripped like wax to build up form.

Which artists inspire or influence your work?

Theodore Roszak and Chakaia Booker inspire me. I am also inspired by Rodin and Michelangelo. There is a language of classical composition in everything that I make. 

Why should people visit your studio during Gowanus Open Studios 2016?

I welcome visitors, both to have my work exposed to a greater audience, and because I welcome the interaction and discussion that this inspires. 

What is your secret talent?

Concentrating on the process instead of the product.

To see more of Martha’s sculptural work, visit her website: