Artist Spotlight: Robin Roi

How long have you worked in the Gowanus neighborhood?

I have lived in the Park Slope area for over 25 years. When my youngest son was 8, I heard about a wonderful ceramic teacher, Adrienne Yurick, who had clay classes for children at a studio called “3rd Avenue Clay”. I sent my son, Soren, there for a couple of years. He loved it and made some wonderful clay sculptures which I have kept to this day. At the time, I was working at Evergreene Architectural Arts where I was employed as Director of Decorative Painting for many years. Some years later, in a desire to revive my personal career as an artist, I decided to take a ceramic class at this same studio in the heart of Gowanus. That was probably about 15 years ago and I have never stopped working in ceramics as well as attending the 3rd Avenue Clay studio.

What motivated you to establish your studio here?

For part of the year, I also work in the ceramic studio at the Greenwich House Pottery in Manhattan. However, as I live now in Windsor Terrace, 3rd Avenue clay has always felt like my home studio. Now that I have become involved as a volunteer with the GOS, I am more excited than ever to have this great community of artists as a support and a resource. Being part of a more intimate community is especially important living in New York where it can be a daunting task to find one’s place.

Why should people visit your studio during Gowanus Open Studios 2016?

Although I have been working at the 3rdAvenue pottery for over 15 years, I have never participated in the GOS as I did not have my own private studio and logistics were not convenient to open the studio up to the public. Finally, this year I decided to find a space in the Gowanus area where I could exhibit my pottery as well as offer the opportunity to other ceramic artists in the area to show their work. I have located a wonderful space called the “Shapeshifter Lab” on Whitwell Place. We will have over 15 ceramic artists as well as a few painters and photographers. I am calling it “Ceramic Central”. If anyone is interested in ceramics….this is the place to come!!

About my own work

My ceramic work is mostly functional but with a highly decorative flair, sometimes verging on sculpture or at least the “not so utilitarian”. Although the pieces I make can function as every day vessels, I believe their decorative surfaces and inventive forms give them a unique quality much like a piece of art. Pitchers are a favorite form of mine as they can be very playful and the slightest shift in the slant of a handle or spout can drastically change its personality. I love in equal parts the forming of the vessel and the decorative painting and glazing of surfaces. Sometimes I am amazed at how the simplest form can become an object of such beauty with the right glaze or surface design and likewise, a fabulous form without a wonderful surface is left wanting. Pattern and design have always been my passion and my gift. My ceramics show off the best of this talent.

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