GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Dara Oshin

Dara Profile Pic small.jpg

Location:  Ti Art Studios, 183 Lorraine Street, #69
Instagram: @daraoshin
Facebook: @daraoshinartist

Dara Oshin is a multidisciplinary visual artist investigating the commonality of the human experience. The physical and mental overstimulation of contemporary life drives her to create work that highlights the quiet solitude and subtle intimacy that underpins love, compassion and empathy. She enjoys the challenge of taking complex emotions and ideas and translating them into basic visual forms. Her simplistic yet evocative style contemplates vulnerability and the basic goodness and beauty of human nature and what we all share as human beings. 

Dara's body of work includes, drawings, sculptures, photography, paintings, mixed media work, illustration, ceramics, prints and site specific installations.