GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Jo-Ann Acey

Location: Square Dot Plus Studio, 540 President Street, BB
Website:  aceyart.com
Instagram:  @aceyjoann  

Jo-Ann Acey's paintings, prints and drawings are reactions to particular places. The work is inspired by experience and nature, but also chronicles the search for a deeper connection. For Acey, “Although there are recognizable images that lend themselves to land, sea, and cityscapes, the real essence lies in the symbolism of each work. The images are visual diaries documenting memories, personal events and creating magical places.”

Acey draws motion, and for her "the rhythm in music is the same that we see in nature.” This underscores Acey’s love of jazz, and links improvisation to the landscape and to her own searching lines and bold use of color. “Spontaneity and energy are always important elements. One is instantly invited on a journey and experiences the vast openness of the sea or the quiet, softness of a breeze.”

In addition to making art, Jo-Ann Acey taught art for over 30 years at such schools as United Nations International School in New York, and the nationally acclaimed Studio in a School Program. She is the recipient of the “Sustained Achievement Award For Artists Who Teach.” Acey's work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and parts of Europe, and is part of many private collections. Acey is a member at the 440 Gallery in Park Slope.