GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Brooklyn Dollworks

New head shot bw cropped.jpg

Location:  SpaceWorks, 540 president street, studio #21
Website:  brooklyndollworks.com
Instagram:  @valerie_a._gladstone
Blog:  artdollsbyvaleriegladstone.blogspot.com/

Founded in 2012, Brooklyn Dollworks, LLC represents the work of artist Valerie A. Gladstone.” I am an artist and like many other artists, I am compilation of many things. As a native New Yorker and the youngest of seven children, there was always something to do, paint, sculpt, play, sing or witness.  Every experience, meal, journey, emotion, or dream, informs our work. Whichever medium you work in has to lend itself to that expression.  I have found Art Dolls to fill this expression.