GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Stephanie Land

Stephanie Land.jpg

Location:  Ti Art Studios, 183 Lorraine Street, Studio #48
Website:  stephaniemland.com
Instagram:  @stephanielandclicks

I am interested in exploring the ongoing conversation between art, architecture, and the physical and natural worlds. My work is concerned with not only how bodies move through a space, but too, how space evokes us—the way light hits an archway leading you to enter or that unnamable but universal feeling that washes over you while looking through a window. In my art, I explore the wholistic experience of architecture: how we connect with a space physically, how we move through it, and how it affects us both emotionally and spiritually. It is through photography and sculpture that I explore and express the slight nuances of space, subtle forms that don’t function, but instead provide qualities that just are. Through material and tactility, the three dimensionality of sculpture lets me explore the work as both an image (landscape/environment) and a form (object/symbol).