GOS 2017 Featured Artist: Wendy Richmond

Wendy Richmond headshot for GOS (1).jpeg

Location:  313 Butler Street, Studio #15
Website:  WendyRichmond.com

My hands are unlike most people’s. They’re double jointed and, because of an autoimmune disorder, my fingers swell like balloons and then contract, resulting in squishiness and wrinkles. For decades, I’ve been ashamed of my hands. I literally kept them out of the picture. 

Three years ago, my brother became very ill, and I began to pay attention to the contradictions of the body: it is a miracle machine, capable of healing itself. But it is also a destroyer, determined to break down or attack itself. My hands, whose condition I had preferred to hide, instead became the focus of my art making.

In the past year, I’ve turned from my trusted mediums of video and photography to sculpture. I’ve created hundreds of casts of my hands, often immersing the pieces in slabs and blocks. They break (or I break them), and they become fragments that recall classical Greek and Roman antiquity. They are a perverse version of idealized beauty.