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Strangers in Unison

  • Halyards 406 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11215 United States (map)

Strangers in Unison is an open-minded, diverse, intimate multimedia variety performance arts show which encourages performers of every kind to participate and bring their experience in their own voice. 

In the showcase can hold everyone from: writers reading their original work, comedians, actors performing a monologue, a duo working on a scene, a short film screening, a multimedia film screening with a live score, musicians of all walks, those who play piano, harmonica, accordion, guitar, hand drums, singers of all kinds, those who sing the blues, an individual with immense knowledge in a particular area & the charisma to drive it to audience members. Etc. etc. etc.

Audience members who would enjoy spending their night in this creative setting are just as integral as our performers. 

The goal of this recurring event is to create and maintain an artistic community in this massive city and age of technology where tangible community is becoming more and more diluted. 

We have a piano, a projector screen, a microphone and a couple of amps. It is fairly bare bones, but creativity has a way of working wonders with less. We welcome any extra equipment a performer may desire to use, and in certain cases, may be able to acquire this for them. 

At the end of each schedule of booked sets the floor is opened up to impulse open mic as well as jam sessions between performers. 

Each show is free to attend & performers are unpaid. The idea is to let spring forth passion in a perceptive setting which is reminiscent of why most artists decided to move to NYC in the first place. Mystery & possibility are the drives of humanity which often become overlooked. At Strangers in Unison, this is our lifeblood. We understand the importance of showing our art without needing to have direct words for the meaning behind the action.